Innovating for a Greener Future with Waste2BioComp

Discover the future of sustainable materials at the Waste2BioComp Project mid-term event, “Innovating for a Greener Future,” on 3 July 2024 at the UDC Ferrol Campus in Coruña, Spain.

Dive into a knowledge-filled half-day where we’ll showcase groundbreaking biopolyester developments from our consortium partners and hear from industry experts about the latest advancements and applications in biopolyester technology.

Our goal is to raise awareness, spark discussions, and demonstrate real-world uses of biopolyesters in industries like footwear, plastics, and textiles. Join us to find out how these innovative materials can replace conventional ones and drive sustainability. Don’t miss out on shaping a greener future! 🍃

Interested? Register here. More information soon!

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